Delivering Value to the Forestry Supply Chain

Georgia Forestry Association is the leading advocate for a healthy business and political climate for Georgia’s forest environment, forest landowners and forest-based businesses. As a GFA member, our promise is to keep you protected, connected and empowered while delivering value to your business. Through local, state and federal advocacy we are focused on advancing our core values, including private property rights, sensible taxes and regulation, and healthy markets for forest products. 

Your engagement is critical to our success. Whether you are a current member or wanting to become a new member, we hope you reach out to us if we can support you in staying engaged. 


Membership Levels
  • Landowners
    • Private Landowners: $70.00 + $0.032 per acre
    • Hunt Clubs: $60.00
      NOTE: Hunting clubs that participate in GFA’s insurance program are automatically members and no additional dues are required.
  • Forestry Businesses
    • Logging Contractors: $330.00
    • Wood Dealers (Annual Production) 
      • Up to 100,000 tons: $330.00
      • 100,000 to 200,000 tons: $440.00
      • Over 200,000 tons: $550.00 + $0.0021/additional ton
    • Heavy Equipment Dealers (Annual Sales) 
      • Up to $5 million: $550.00
      • Over $5 million: $1100.00
    • Consulting Foresters
      • 1 Forester (sole proprietor): $110.00
      • 2-5 Foresters: $220.00
      • 6-10 Foresters: $550.00
      • Over 10 Foresters: $1100.00
    • Forestry-Related Businesses (otherwise not listed)
      • 1 - 10 Employees: $220.00
      • 11 - 25 Employees: $440.00
      • Over 25 Employees: $660.00
  • Supporting Businesses
    • Professional Service Firms (Attorneys, Estate Planners, Real Estate Professionals, Accountants, Tech Companies, etc)
      • 1-10 Employees: $330.00 
      • 11-25 Employees: $660.00
    • Banks (Gross Assets)
      • Less than $100 Million: $330.00 
      • More than $100 Million: $660.00
    • Utility Companies: 
      • Local: $550.00
      • Statewide: $1100.00
  • Manufacturers
    • Forest Product Companies: Based on Annual Consumption of Georgia Grown Wood at $0.01145 per ton 
    • Supporting Partner / End User: $2500.00 (minimum)  
  • Other
      • Friend of Forestry: $75
        You may only pay at this level if none of the above categories match your description. 
      • Student: FREE for Georgia forestry students (Contact Michele Lawson at [email protected])

Contact Us

Timothy Miller 
Director of Membership and Engagement 
[email protected]


Whether you are a small or large landowner, a logger or timber buyer, a professional service firm or a forestry-related business, we have a membership level for you. 

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